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Jim was thorough and shared real examples of application of the RRP Rules. He was extremely knowledgable on the topic. He presented the content in a way to keep our attention and encouraged questions. We completed hands-on exercises to help our understanding of the content and how to execute the delivery of the various modules we learned about in the training. - Barbara C.


The instructor James Rizk was great. I was dreading sitting in a classroom for an 8 hour course but James made the time fun, he conveyed the information very clearly and made the test taking process a breeze. I would like to thank the staff at OHC/ESHI and James Rizk. The knowledge that I gained made the class worth the time and money. - Martin B.


Great class. Jim the instructor was well versed in what was being taught, interacted with the class and provided in depth learning. I learned more with his class than I did 5 years ago with another company. - James C.


The instructor was very thorough and informative- he allowed many questions and real life participation questions which he answered with expert knowledge. The class time went extremely quickly and it was very easy to stay attentive. Very enjoyable experience. - John G.


Jim did a great job! He was thorough and made a potentially boring subject interesting. I would highly recommend him to others that need to get certified. - George E.


James was an excellent instructor. Very knowledgable and thorough. I would highly recommend him and his company. - James C.


I would give this class an A plus. Very informative. Instructor was great. - Robert H.


Awesome, cleared up a lot of questions. - Darren B.


He was very thorough and information, hit on all the key points. - Charles G.  

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