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Asbestos Classes
According to OSHA, an employer must provide trainings for all employees who install asbestos-containing products or who perform asbestos related operations. The training must be completed before an initial assignment and every year after and is based on their classification.
What initial Courses do we offer?
  • Asbestos Awareness Training - 2 hours 

  • Asbestos Operation & Maintenance Training - 16 hours 

  • Asbestos Contractor Supervisor Training - 40 hours 

  • Asbestos Inspector Training - 32 hours

  • Asbestos Management Planner Training - 16 hours

  • Asbestos Project Designer Training - 32 hours

  • Asbestos Pipe Removal Training - 8 hours (AWWA approved for CEU points)

  • Asbestos Roofing Supervisor Training - 16 hours

  • Asbestos Roofing Worker Training - 8 hours 

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What Refresher Courses do we Offer?
  • Asbestos Refresher Awareness Training - 2 hours

  • Asbestos Refresher Operation & Maintenance Training - 4 hours 

  • Asbestos Refresher Contractor Supervisor Training - 8 hours 

  • Asbestos Refresher Inspector Training - 4 hours 

  • Asbestos Refresher Management Planner Training - 4 hours

  • Asbestos Refresher Project Designer Training - 4 hours 

  • Asbestos Refresher Worker Pipe Removal Training - 4 hours (AWWA approved for CEU points) 

  • Asbestos Refresher Roofing Supervisor Training - 8 hours 

  • Asbestos Refresher Roofing Worker Training - 4 hours

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These courses are FSAWWA approved training programs and meet the requirements for licensure as a Licensed Asbestos Consultant and Licensed Asbestos Contractor, see below a list of all training approved for CEU points. ESHI has been providing these classes for over 26 years. The training is regularly updated with the latest available information from OSHA and EPA.
Looking For Asbestos Pipe Removal Training?

Asbestos pipe removal training is required by OSHA 1926.1101 as a class ll training for anyone who handles asbestos pipes. ESHI offers the following training to meet this requirement:

  • 5 Days Asbestos Contractor Supervisor Class

  • 8 Hour Asbestos Contractor Supervisor Refresher Training Class

  • 8 Hours Asbestos Worker Class 

  • 4 Hours Asbestos Worker Refresher Class

*All of these courses are approved by AWWA for continuing education points (CEU) 

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